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Beaulieu Porch is an English psychedelic pop band formed by multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter Simon Berry in 2010. The debut single, ‘The Colour 55/Navy Blue’ came out to rave reviews on limited edition coloured vinyl, through The Peppermint Hill record label on St Valentine’s day 2011. Described by Phil Istine in Shindig ! magazine as ‘’the sort of thing we live for here at Shindig ! Towe
rs’‘, the single was enthusiastically played by Tom Robinson on BBC 6, citing the strong Sgt Pepper influence. The Beatles influence was also picked up by Ashley Norris on POPJUNKIETV, saying ‘’this is proper Strawberry Fields territory. Think floaty psychedelia, dreamy vocals, extended bizarre codas - the kitchen sink, basically. And it is brilliant…’‘
Beaulieu Porch was named Psychedelic Band Of The Year 2010 in the Bamboo Sticks Internet Radio Awards and the first eponymously named full length album was release on Out Of The Box records in May 2012, quickly followed up by a second album, 'In Touch With The Infinite'. The debut album album was acclaimed as the 5th best psychedelic album of the 21st century in a recent blog survey.