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Being born in the Bronx and raised in Manhattan Wally D had a very diverse sense of music.Growing up in the ethnic rich Bronx, Wally D was exposed to all genres of music. Listening to everything from Frank Sinatra,Santana,Micheal Jackson and Metallica but it wasn't until age 11 when Wally D picked up the guitar.This was Wally D's first step toward his music passion.

For years Wally D love for the whole Seattle scene in the early 90's gave him a better understanding of an alternative sense of music. It wasn't till 1996 when his dad, Nick,opened a club called VINYL that opened up the door to a whole new world of music. Working at VINYL is how Drum n Bass became a part of Wally D's life. Being able to see DJs such as Roni Size,Jumpin Jack Frost,Little Louie Vega,Paul Okenfold and LTJ Bukem command crowds with the twist and turn of a few knobs and faders was surreal. Within a year Wally D got a "hand me down" turntable setup from Vinyl and started going to Breakbeat Science to buy records. Between Vinyl and Breakbeat Science Wally D started making many connections and friends.

By early 98 Wally D (at that time known as Infinite) had started handing out mix tapes trying to get put on weeklies and major parties. By the end of 99 Wally D had spun at most weeklies in NYC at the time(Konkrete Jungle NYC, Camouflage, Direct Drive). At this time is when Wally D met Josh Issac who was responsible for the Global Bass parties. The Global bass parties were one the largest DnB parties at that time. They averaged about 5-7 DnB headliners per party. Wally D became the resident dj for the parties and was spinning with the likes of Hype,Andy C,Ed Rush & Optical and Bad company to name a few. Still considered a novice,Wally D took this opportunity to make a name for himself. By 2000 Wally D was considered a player in NYC Drum n Bass scene and was looking to extend his boundaries. In 2001 Wally D moved to Miami. After a few weeks Wally D hooked up with Beatcamp,a local DnB crew. Within a few more weeks and some gigs Wally D was part Beatcamp.Its wasn't till the end of March 2002,Wally D was introduced to the WMC. This is when the idea of producing came to light for Wally D. So in the end of 2003 Wally D registered at S.A.E institute. At S.A.E Wally D learned everything audio,recording,production, console mechanics,Midi,audio theory,signal flow, ect...Wally D graduated in April of 2005 (changed DJ name to Wally D) with a degree in audio engineering/technology. Now located in Raleigh NC, Wally D is part of the NOISY DUBS Crew.

In 2009, Wally D entered the BuzzBoat DJ Battles where he made his way through demo submission cuts, 4 rounds of live battles, 2 rounds of Semi-Finals, only to be picked by Scott Henry of Buzzlife as the 2009 BuzzBoat DJ Battle Champion! This earned him an all expense paid vacation and DJ performance on the Buzz-Boat Halloween 2009. Wally D has also debuted his first production on Twisted Records with a few digital releases from the same label. Now part of the NOISY DUBS crew his next release will be on the sister label NOISY DRUMZ. http://www.beatport.com/label/twisted-management-records/23915

Expect big things in 2013 for this guy!