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Variously described as a blend of music icons such as The Beatles, Ray Davies, Ron Sexsmith, Neil Young & Neil Finn, Melbourne late bloomer DC Cardwell has only recently begun to make his mark in the music world. A “triple threat” singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he sealed his credentials by taking out TWO of the top prizes at the Australian Catapult Song Contest in 2011.

DC’s distinctive and affecting voice is perfect for his songs which take an honest and often wry look at life, peppered with positivity and redemptive possibility. Combine that with his maddeningly catchy hooks, pop-smart arrangements and melodic lead guitar breaks and you have Beatlesque songs that you will want to hear again and again.

Some Hope

DC’s self-produced debut album“Some Hope” was released in the US in 2010, and met with glowing reviews internationally. Of the record, Aaron Kupferberg from Aaron Kupferberg wrote,

“DC Cardwell creates a heartfelt gem here, full of wonderful melodic hooks and a Ray Davies styled vocal. The gentle minor chords and harmonies that open “I Am Still The Same” are both brilliant and poignant. “Birthday Present” is another example of solid composition and a revelatory Harrison styled guitar break. Some of the mid-tempo ballads are like magical combinations of both Paul Simon and McCartney. ”

Los Angeles & Film Music

The success of the album also paved the way for other opportunities abroad. In 2010 noted Hollywood music supervisor/film composer Jaymee Carpenter (The Fighter, Crime After Crime) heard one of his songs (Birthday Present) on a Youtube video and immediately invite DC to L.A. to record six of his songs for use in his film projects. Jaymee’s reaction to DC’s music is worth noting, and is quoted here with permission:

“I am seriously blown away by your album. I think it may be the greatest thing I’ve heard in years! I don’t want to freak you out, but I’m drooling over here. You just easily became my favorite ‘new’ artist!”

For more information, sounds and video, visit WWW.DCCARDWELL.COM