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Rildrim is an electronic music project aimed on the production of multimedia creations and live performances through technology and the combination between music, poetry and video. His creator, Carlos Butler, is an electronic music composer and producer from the Canary Islands, Spain, with classical training and mastering of music technology.

Rildrim's built a personal universe most influenced by visual arts and poetry based on personal aesthetic ideas and unique structural principles, with a set of elements shifting from subtle and delicate sonic atmospheres, ethereal melodies, subliminal micro grooves, deep bass lines and complex textures.

Between 2008 and 2012 he’s published a total of six albums, performed at the electronic art festival “Canarias Crea” in Berlin and participated in the compilation Greenosophy by the internationally acclaimed and worldwide prestigious ambient label Ultimae Records. Rildrim’s also been featured in several online podcasts like Radio Mystic and Dave’s Lounge and included in countless dj sets around the world through online platforms such as Podomatic.

Rildrim’s music and news can be found in major social sites such as Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter as well as streamed, purchased and licensed in sites like Magnatune, Itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc...

Always exploring new musical horizons and cutting edge technologies of sound processing and generation, Rildrim's music is a constant stream of sonic novelty and artistic evolution meant to manifest the ever growing complexity of electronic art and digital based music.