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Born in 1978 in Sardinia and raised in a small beach town on the Mediterranean sea, Follonica.
His entertaining career started just for fun during the winter season of 1997/1998. In 2001 he created the ‘Souvenir De Ibiza’ event and became the official voice for Tartana, a very well known club in Italy. The following summer he was in charged as the artistic director for the club. After working in many clubs in Tuscany as a Vocalist he finally made it to one of the best clubs of Italy: TENAX in Florence.
By now the name ‘Vargas’ is well acquainted in Italy .
Always looking for a new challenge followed by an unrestrained love for music in 2009 decides to experience his journey as a Dj finding himself playing for clubs all over Italy, like Tenax, Subway, Ritual, Movida, 7eleven, Tartana, Sox, Club999, Tini' Soundgarden and many after parties..
Today he decides to experience productions and is currently collaborating with a Label for his first release with the name Baccarat.